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We design for the future—in ways that make sense right now. We’re strategic experts and creative explorers committed to solving complex challenges. We offer a full range of services including interior, product and graphic design, giving attention to every aspect of each project.

d3-lab has been in operation since 2007, founded in Cologne, Germany by 3 dedicated designers. The original mission statement was then, and still is, to offer unique original designs with impeccable service, tailored to the client’s needs.

Sensing a growing opportunity in Asia for an added approach, one of the founders decided to relocate to China at the end of 2009.

Coupled with the fact that local design companies were eager to expand their knowledge on the overseas market the move was a winning combination for d3-lab.

After the success d3-lab experienced through its move to China, the company decided to have a second design studio in 2010.

A team of professionals, both foreign and local offer a unique combination of designs.

We continue to pride ourselves on creative problem solving and
responsiveness to all of our customers. It is our hope that we will continue to
have fun ... because you give us the opportunity to do what we enjoy!

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